This is Success

“VidShip is continuing to help us grow our firm month after month. Their guidance has been invaluable to keep us sane while we work towards global domination.”

– Dennis Fry, CPAs For Hire

“Bear Wade and the team at VidShip have taken my dream of starting a cooking blog years ago and now having not only a very successful website, but a YouTube channel with over 150,000 subscribers!”

– Joey Brisket, Red Meat Lover

“VidShip turned my YouTube show into a more polished and engaging one and saved me a ton of time with editing!”

– Jess White, Financial Coach Jess


Success Stories

“VidShip’s video production helped us sell more units and reach more customers as well as growing our first-time purchaser list. These videos also helped our sales reps learn more about what they were selling, so this process works for both internal and external uses.”

– Erin Quirarte, Briteline

“VidShip has helped us create funny videos and then work with our marketing team to deploy them in a strategic way to get the most bang for our buck. Needless to say, we sold a sh!t ton of products.”

– Michael Kerber, HanleyLED

“We refer to the team at VidShip as ‘Wizards’ because they make the magic happen. They can take us two fools and turn us into a very high-quality production time-in and time-out. We love working with these guys and are glad to have them on our team!”

– Mike & Joey, Meat America Podcast

“The team at VidShip helped us create content for our community and helped bring us together, much more than we could have on our own.”

– Sherman Lee, Crossings

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