We help content creators grow their revenue while protecting them from burnout.

...by editing and shipping their content to all of their online platforms using our proven process.

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Join over 50+ Kickass Entrepreneurs

Happy customers that are rocking their industry, is our mission!

Don't waste your time managing inexperienced VAs and social media managers.

They “check the box”, but don’t get you the results you need: ROI on your content.

Stop burnout with team and tech management so you can:

  • Create more content
  • Serve more people
  • Sell more solutions
  • Have more free time

Our proven solution will guide you through what works to continue to build your brand. Faster.

Join over 50+ Kickass Entrepreneurs


One of our clients has over 10M views and $100K in revenue.

And we started with them from scratch AND this is a side-hustle for them!

Join over 50+ Kickass Entrepreneurs


You shoot & upload we do the rest!

Content creation is a relentless and overwhelming job for just you or a small team. We get it. That is why VidShip was made; for creators like you, who need complete support on all production, post-production, and delivery tasks at a reasonable price. Take your business to the next level.



Consolidate and save.

No more going to dozens of different vendors to keep your business moving forward. Bring your production, strategy, content creation, paid and SEO reach and content delivery under one roof. Left hand, meet right hand.

Join over 50+ Kickass Entrepreneurs


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