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Burnout is the #1 issue creators have over time and we are here to save you from not producing great content and reaching your tribe consistently.

Benefits to VidShip:

We'll produce a
content package
based upon each video you want to launch.

A content package is:

How much money are you currently paying for tech and software subscriptions?

With Vidship, you don’t need expensive technology and software subscriptions. Not only will you save yourself a ton of time but you’ll also save money!

Find the best solution to make you the most money over time.

Looking for a custom plan?

Book a call to meet with a VidShip rep today. We can help you build the perfect plan.

The process in detail:

All of our plans are based on how many Content Packages (or campaigns) you want to send out each month, ranging from 1 package per month, once every other week, or even once per week.

After you purchase your plan, you’ll receive an email with direction for setting up an onboarding meeting with your Project Manager. If need be, we’ll be able to setup additional meetings until you are comfortable with the process and are off and running.

After your onboarding session, we’ll setup a filming consultation for ways to improve your process with proven tips and trick from our award-winning director, Bear Wade.

You are welcome to film with any DSLR, Mirrorless, Point and Shoot, Smartphone, or webcam to record your video.

We accept footage in 720p, 1080p or 4k.

Our goal is always to make your video as entertaining and watchable as possible. With that we do have some time limits of focusing your finished video to around 20 minutes or less. We have found that keeping each video under that time works great for YouTube and the typical viewer’s attention.

We can of course break up longer videos into seperate videos, if need be. to keep your final file running time under 20 mins.

You are welcome to provide a total run-time of footage to be no longer than 60 mins. If you are shooting multiple cameras at one time, the total of those files need to stay under 60 mins total. 

For instance, you can have 3 cameras shooting for 20 mins each, making the total time 60 mins.

You have exclusive access to one of our top US-based Project Managers, to keep you and your projects moving along though the entire production pipeline, protecting your investment and hard work.

As part of your onboarding process, you’ll receive private access to your custom dashboard, where you’ll be able to upload footage, review files, and stay in touch with your PM. There, you’ll also have access to download any finished files.

We can edit your multicam video! Just remember to keep the total running time of all of your files combined under a total of 60 minutes.

One of the biggest drains on editing is just cutting out the bad stuff and getting the footage roughed in, and we are excited to do this for you. We are here to make you look good, coherent, and as watchable as possible.

Music style and production level can say a lot about the quality of your video and we pride ourselves on providing industry leading background music to your edits. This will help people watch your videos longer and with more enthusiasm. A win-win!

We love creating a short intro video that we will use for every video you produce to make them feel more cohesive. This will include b-roll, animate text, music and your animated logo.

Once your video has been edited and the music has been dropped in, we’ll create motion graphics and animated text to help retain the viewer’s attention. This part is really fun!

We want to make your video as watchable as possible and one way to do that is to color correct your footage. This includes exposure and color temperature. If you submit multiple cameras of the shoot, we’ll match the color and exposure to create a more unified look, which won’t be as distracting to the viewer.

We’ll take your raw camera audio and enhance it so that you are easier to listen to. On the whole, we as a society, need clean audio more than we need a clear image to maintain watchability of your edit.

At Vidship, we offering UNLIMITED editing revisions so you can be confident that your projects will be perfect.

We’ll work with you to get the most out of your footage and make sure details are polished and professional.

Throughout the editing process we will continue to urge you to approve your video to stay on deadline and on time, even if it isn’t “perfect.”

We always balance the line between “perfect” and “done”.

Editing can be an infinite project and we edit videos to look professional and as watchable as possible. 

Once we’ve edited your video, we’ll provide a custom thumbnail image to entice viewers to click on your video.

Here are a few examples:

85% of the viewership of Facebook and Instagram videos are watched without the sound on. With each video shipped we’ll provide captioning so that you can connect with our viewers.

If you have additional B-Roll (secondary footage) or other images (charts and graphs, photos, etc) that you would like incorporated into your edit, you’ll be able to upload them from your dashboard.

Having an article, description or post is always helpful to reach those that are readers as part of your content planning.

Our skilled team of copywriters will write ~450 words reiterating the highlights of your video, as well as provide keywords and tags for your website post buildout.

We’ll create a short (under 60 second) clip of your longer video to start to entice people to watch more by leading them to your website where we’ll be embedding your YouTube video.

Once your content package is ready for review, you’ll be notified via email to log into your dashboard. From there you can make notes directly to your editor on the edit. Once you have approved the content package, we’ll start the deploy process and ship it out to all your communication vehicles.

We’ll handle updating your WordPress website with your new post, including copy formatting, adding a featured image, adding head tags, adding images, alt tags, and scheduling your post, along with other SEO tweaks that can be made to optimize your post for reading and searchability.

If the style of your video fits to be part of your podcast, we can export your video’s audio and upload it to your podcast distributors, like Anchor, PodBean, or Libsyn.

We’ll export your video in 4k (even if you shot it in 1080p) and upload it to your YouTube channel and fill out all of the appropriate information to optimize your video using best practices when publishing video.

We’ll format your email campaign with the (teaser) video, images, and copy along with a call-to-action to drive traffic back to your website ecosystem using the email CRMs like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit.

We’ll post your photo or video to Instagram as a post from your account using best practices.

We’ll post your video to Instagram as a Reel from your account using best practices and current trends.

We’ll post your photo or video to Facebook as a post from your account using best practices and current trends.

We’ll post a snippet of your content to Twitter to drive your message and sometimes lead them back to your site.

We’ll post your photo or video to your LinkedIn personal or business profile as a post from your account using best practices and current trends.

We’ll post your teaser video to Tiktok as a post from your account using best practices and current trends.

We’ll post your photo or video to Pinterest as a post from your account using best practices and current trends.

We’ll post your photo or video to Google My Business as a post from your account using best practices and current trends.

Every quarter we’ll provide a report so we can analyze what is working and what needs to be tweaked moving forward.

You will continue to own the rights to all of your material. We won’t be able to hand over any graphics used in your video or music as a stand-alone file. We would ask that we have the ability to show off our work as part of our portfolio and marketing efforts. Beyond that, we are invisible to the public.

We’ll be working on your project every weekday if you are on the Domination plan. ‘Less with other plans.

Your content runway should be 4-6 weeks out, meaning if you want to launch a content package on May 1st, we’ll want all of your footage by March 15, which leaves room for editing, designing, writing, reviewing, and deploying.

As you evolve as a content creator, we’ll be here to support you. Besides ongoing communication with your Project Manager, you’ll have monthly meetings to touch base, you’ll always have a team in your corner, learning strategies, tactics, best practices, and technology to help you shine brighter.

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