Save Your Sanity. Outsource Your Video Editing And Social Media Posting.

You’re a business owner. That entails approximately several million different tasks and projects throughout a day. Okay–maybe we’re exaggerating, but not by much.

On a more realistic note, your days are jam-packed, and you’re stretched thin with leadership-based big-picture tasks. You’re thinking long-term with brand-growth strategies and constantly analyzing your business model. You’re delegating, planning budgets, and networking with potential partners who can help you expand.  

We bet that’s only scratching the surface.

Furthermore, there are the cold hard realities of your position. It’s exceptionally challenging to delegate and outsource–especially if you own a small business. When you’re trying to reconcile your budget and doing your best to keep out of the red, it’s tough to know when you shouldn’t DIY.

So, on top of the high-level leadership tasks that you should primarily focus on, you get stuck in the nitty gritty, hyperspecific work. These are the tasks best suited to individual experts whose sole focus is on their specialty. This work shouldn’t be performed by an owner who must wear dozens if not hundreds of different hats.

No more is the above notion evident than in social media and video editing. 

Of course, as a business owner, you need to involve yourself in social media, video editing, and publishing. 

However, that involvement should be more high-level in its nature. That means creating and fostering your brand’s image and clearly establishing its identity. This way, your specialist clearly understands how to execute while you’re working on a different leadership project.

Unfortunately, what ends up happening much of the time, is you end up working on the nuts and bolts of social media and video editing. This outcome would be acceptable if you were a social media video editor by trade–but you’re not. Your responsibilities as an owner go far beyond such specialized work.

Let’s examine this topic further below:

How Much Time Do Business Leaders Spend Developing Content For Social Media?

Here are some numbers to illustrate the time small business owners commit to social media.

Per Hubspot, 63% of owners, proprietors, and CEOs spend up to 5 hours weekly on social media. Of that same group, 23% spend 6 to 10 hours, 8.5% spend 11 to 20 hours, and 5.5% spend over 20 hours publishing social media content.

We’ll examine the low end of those numbers. 5 hours is a lot of time when you take a moment and analyze the big picture. It amounts to 260 yearly hours on social media posts that could be dedicated to literally anything else. 

To the above point, you could network and foster critical business relationships. You could be designing an innovative system that increases employee efficiency and takes your company to new heights. Perhaps, that time could be spent innovating a game-changing product or service. 

Instead, you’re stuck working on social media and video editing. You’re too valuable to your company to budget your time in such a way.

Now, allow us to clarify that you need social media–in 2022, your business can’t flourish without it. However, as a business owner, your job is to find someone else–a social media expert–to do that work for you. 

Then there’s the video editing process. Social media on its own takes long enough–but video editing is a different beast. For every minute of a finished video you publish, expect to spend between 30 and 60 minutes editing. 

Given all your responsibilities, that level of time commitment is bound to push you to the brink.

You Can’t Ignore Social Media And Video Content.

As we’ve discussed already, your company needs a social media presence in today’s landscape. Neglecting your social media accounts could free up your time, but you’d be swimming against the tide and doing more harm than good.

Moreover, video on social media has proven itself a far more valuable marketing tool than relying on text and images. The numbers tell the story–there’s a 139% increase in brand association after someone watches your videos on social media. 

Furthermore, almost 70% of marketers state that marketing videos on social media yield the most substantial return on investment compared to other tactics. 

The science behind these results revolves are viewers retaining 95% of a video’s message. Comparatively, people only retain 10% of what they read in text. 

Unlike the written word, videos convey the tone of someone’s voice, body language, eye contact, and other audio/visual cues. These factors draw reactions based on emotions, critical to information retention. 

So, while you need to spend less time on your social media video editing, it doesn’t mean your company can neglect it.

Solutions To Your Social Media Video Editing Conundrum

You’ve entered a catch-22 with your social media videos. As an owner, you can’t spend valuable time writing scripts, filming, and editing. Still, this integral work needs to be done, and it needs to be done well.


What are your options, then?


You could hire someone full-time. But then comes the question of expertise. Is this person the specialized video editor and the jack of all trades you’ll need them to be to justify their full-time salary?


You’ll find those unicorns typically don’t exist–and if they do, they’re asking for more than you can pay.


Therefore, your best choice is to outsource the work to a video editing and content creation company that can make your videos and publish them for you. You’ll save time and your sanity, and you can trust that the end product will represent your brand in a manner conducive to high returns.

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