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At VidShip, we want to help your business soar. Feel free to peruse the valuable resources below if you’re looking to up your marketing game.

Marketing can be a frustrating process! When you have no plan, guidance, or real direction to work with, it is easy to feel like you are going in circles.

Crack this book open and we’ll start putting your marketing steps in the right order to unscramble your process and give you clarity.

You will learn how to take charge of your marketing by speaking the lingo to get exactly what you need from your marketing team of employees or freelancers.

It is time to UNIFY your company!


Streamline your content pipeline so you can grow your tribe without burning out.

Learn the proven step-by-step process that has sold millions of dollars worth of products and grown industry influence for hundreds of business owners like you. 

This process works for B2B or B2C industries. Hosted by award-winning content creator, marketer & author Bear Wade.

This course with show you how to make your content once and put it everywhere.

Be up and running in under 90 minutes!

This masterclass includes
10 video lessons!

• Welcome from Bear Wade
• Mindset of a creator
• Project Management
• Video Gear
• Structuring your Videos
• Transferring and backing up files
• Working with a video editor
• Your Content Pipeline
• Deployment to your platform
• Reviewing your Analytics

This system helped grow one of our channels to over 150,000 subscribers and 10,000,000 views with less than 100 videos.

Level up your content creation strategy so they can’t ignore you.

EBook –
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10 simple steps to grow your sales by putting your content everywhere.

Get the gear you need to produce more content clearer & faster, so you can stand out from your competition.

Gear Guide –
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Confused with how to get the right video gear and how to set it up? Signup for our FREE Training.

Manage your content like a pro without stressing.

Content Pipeline Trello Board –
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Keep track of your content development and deployment with your entire team, so you can grow your sales. Absolutely Free.

Don’t be overwhelmed before recording. Create better content, stress-free.

Push Record Checklist –
Instant Download

Do you clam-up when recording video? Use this easy checklist before you push record. Reduce stress and have more fun without the pre-record overwhelm! Absolutely Free.

Ready to get started with content production management?